Ancestral Defender
Medium natural animate
Level 10 Summoned Creature

HP your bloodied value; Healing Surges none, but you can spend a healing surge for the defender if an effect allows it to spend one
Defenses your defenses, with a +2 bonus to AC and not including any temporary bonuses or penalties
Speed land 0 , fly 6 (hover; altitude limit 1)

Battle Blessing Aura 1

You and your allies gain a +2 power bonus to damage rolls while in the aura.

Minor Action At-Will

Effect: The defender administers first aid to an adjacent ally. It uses your Heal skill with a +2 power bonus to the check.

Minor Action At-Will 1/round

Effect: The defender crawls, flies, runs, stands up, shifts, squeezes, or walks.

Immediate Interrupt Encounter

Trigger: An ally adjacent to the defender is hit by a melee or a ranged attack.

Effect: The defender is hit by the attack instead.

Published in Dragon Magazine 405.