FamiliarDragonmark Reflection

This tattoolike familiar is in the image of its master’s Mark of Making, and it overlays the Mark of Making while passive.

Speed 2, fly 5 (hover)Constant Benefits* You can perform the Arcane Mark ritual as a standard action for no cost, and other creation rituals require half the normal time for you.
* You can create alchemical items one level higher than your level.
Active BenefitsInfuse Mark: When you use healing infusion on an ally adjacent to your dragonmark reflection, that ally regains 2 additional hit points (if you are using curative admixture) or gains 4 additional temporary hit points when the ally ends the AC bonus (if you are using resistive formula).
    Level 11: 3 additional hit points or 6 additional temporary hit points.
    Level 21: 4 additional hit points or 8 additional temporary hit points.

Published in Dragon Magazine 377, page(s) 32.