Giant Cobra
Medium natural beast
Summoned Creature

HP your bloodied value; Healing Surges none, but you can expend a healing surge for the cobra if an effect allows it to spend one
Defenses your defenses, not including any temporary bonuses or penalties

Standard Action (poison) At-Will

Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); your level + 5 vs. Reflex

Hit: 1d6 + your Wisdom modifier damage plus 2d6 poison damage, and the target takes a –2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of your next turn.

Minor Action At-Will 1/round

Effect: The cobra either walks, shifts, runs, stands up, squeezes, or crawls.

Instinctive Effect

If you haven’t given the cobra any commands by the end of your turn, it attacks an adjacent enemy if it can. Otherwise, it moves up to its speed to a square adjacent to an enemy.

Published in Heroes of the Feywild, page(s) 73.