The soft, golden pelts of these ferretlike mammals fetch a high price, but their poisonous spurs make them dangerous to trap.

Senses low-light visionSpeed 6, burrow 3 (loose earth only), climb 3Constant Benefits* You gain a +2 bonus to Nature checks.
* You gain low-light vision.
Active BenefitsExpert Forager: During an extended rest, the jank can locate a quantity of food and water that is equivalent to one survival day.
Poisonous Spur: Once per encounter as a minor action, you can apply the jank’s poison to a weapon you are carrying. The next creature hit with that weapon before the end of the encounter takes 3 extra poison damage.
    Level 11: 6 extra poison damage.
    Level 21: 9 extra poison damage.

Published in Dragon Magazine 397.