FamiliarOso de la Fez, Former Show Bear

Balanced atop his ball, wearing his small, red fez, this bear seems the picture of innocence—until he bellows with fury and lashes at enemies who mock him with his razor-sharp claws.

Speed 4, fly 4 (hover)Constant Benefits* Grrrrrr: You gain a +2 bonus on Intimidate checks.Active BenefitsHis Own Bear: Oso can speak any language you know, and can converse with other creatures. Unlike mere familiars, you can’t hear everything Oso hears and says unless Oso lets you, and you would never be able to tell Oso what to say.
Verrrry Dangerous: Oso deals 1d4 damage per tier to anyone who attacks him and misses.

Published in Dragon Magazine 376, page(s) 75.