FamiliarWhitespawn Snowstepper

Ice crystals cake this reptile’s white scales, and a thin sheet of ice coats anything it perches upon.

Senses low-light visionSpeed 7 (ice walk), fly 3 (hover)Constant Benefits* You can read and speak Draconic.
* You gain resist 5 cold. If you already have resist cold, increase it by 2.
* You gain ice walk (you ignore difficult terrain caused by snow and ice).
Active BenefitsWhitespawn Minion: If the whitespawn is adjacent to you when you are hit by an attack, you can reduce the amount of damage you take by 5+ your Constitution modifier. If you do so, the whitespawn drops to 0 hit points. If the damage is cold damage, you reduce the damage by 10 + your Constitution modifier.

Published in Dragon Magazine 374, page(s) 30.