These reclusive, black-scaled, winged serpents use their empathic sense to hunt for food and to read the mental states of nearby creatures.

Senses blindsightSpeed 2, fly 6Constant Benefits* You gain a +2 bonus to Diplomacy checks and Insight checks.Active BenefitsEmpathic Guidance: Once per round, when you make an Insight check and dislike the result, you can reroll the skill check. You must use the second roll.
    Augment 1: As above, except that you can use either the second die roll or a result of 10.
Vampiric Vitality: Once per encounter, if the wrab starts your turn adjacent to a bloodied creature, you gain 4 temporary hit points.
    Level 11: 8 temporary hit points.
    Level 21: 12 temporary hit points.

Published in Dragon Magazine 397.