Accidental Initiate

Type: Origin
Campaign Setting: General
Prerequisite: Follower of Avandra

You had a happy childhood that involved a lot of running and playing, and your parents were overjoyed that you were strong and healthy. When you came of age, you set out to explore the world with wanderlust in your veins. Over time, you fell in love with the freedom you experienced while on the road. But you never gave much thought to worshiping Avandra. One fateful day, you happened upon a cleric espousing the virtues of Avandra, and you realized you were a follower without knowing it.
    Associated Quests: Establish five new roadside shrines to Avandra in distant locations and stock their hidden caches; blaze a trail into unexplored territory on another plane of existence; work with followers of Ioun and the Raven Queen to establish a new temple to all three deities of fate.
    Associated Skills: Insight, Perception

Published in Dragon Magazine 398.