Adventurer’s Scion

Type: Legacy of Acererak
Campaign Setting: General

One or both of your parents were adventurers and you grew up listening to stories about their achievements, the monsters they defeated, and the fantastic places they explored. Although each tale was more harrowing than the last, they always came out victorious in the end, with one exception: the Tomb of Horrors. They never speak of it, except to say it was an evil place—dark like no other. The only survivors, they left many friends in that accursed dungeon and warned you against following in their steps.
Possible Minor Quests: You might seek out the fabled Tomb of Horrors to succeed where your parent or parents failed. You could search the dungeons or what lies beyond to rescue their lost comrades.
    Associated Skills: Arcana, History, Religion
    Benefit: Whenever you make a monster knowledge check, you can reroll the check, but you must use the second result even if it’s worse than the first.

Published in Dragon Magazine 371, page(s) 6.