Arcane Agent

Type: Society
Campaign Setting: General

You are a member of a secret arcane society. The public believes that your secret society is composed of thieves and assassins, and it has been outlawed. Your society believes that your particular tradition of magic is unduly prosecuted in the area where you reside. Whether this belief is correct or not, you are an avid supporter of your society, and you look forward to the rare times when you receive secret communiques from other members of your society. Sometimes these messages take the form of magical sendings; others are inked on parchments that are magically treated to flash into ash upon being read. Most are of the “keep the faith” variety, though a few instruct you to undertake minor quests for the society. So far, none of these missions have taxed you or put you in a precarious moral situation.
    Associated Skills: Stealth, Streetwise

Published in Arcane Power, page(s) 159.