Arcane Sentinel

Type: Society
Campaign Setting: General

A great secret has been entrusted to you, and you are that secret’s sentinel. Your secret might be your guardianship of a tome containing dire and wondrous prophecies, the location of a magical shrine or planar gate, or your identity as the heir of some arcane tradition hunted to extinction except for the last few who cling to their allegiance to the order.
You are not completely alone. A few others share your burden. Sometimes you note the secret sign of your sentinel affiliation scribed in magical runes on the side of a building, written on a dungeon wall, or whispered in a dream. Until the next gathering of your fellow sentinels, reading these secret signposts is the safest way to maintain contact with your fellows without betraying your secret trust.
    Associated Skills: Arcana

Published in Arcane Power, page(s) 159.