Type: Occupation
Campaign Setting: General

You spent years earning your living as a competitive athlete. You might throw hammers, spears, or discs, or you could be a sprinter, a swimmer, a gymnast, or an equestrian. You have participated in athletic competitions, both in small settlements and in major cities. In your youth, you participated in athletic challenges for your own enjoyment or fitness, and you found you had a knack for them. Now, you are in top physical condition, and your athletic training has aided you in your martial prowess. Wherever you go, people recognize your name for the great acts of strength or dexterity you perform. Locals challenge you to arm wrestling, throwing, and running, just for a chance to compete against you. Perhaps now you seek to earn renown as a hero, gaining a new kind of glory, or maybe adventuring is just an excuse to continue training and improving your prowess.
    Associated Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics

Published in Martial Power 2, page(s) 154.