Berserker - Follower of Kord

Campaign Setting: General
Prerequisite: Follower of Kord

You can’t help it. When anger overtakes you, a crimson haze fills your vision, and the rage you hold tightly within you breaks free of your control. Your people call you a berserker, and among them you are both honored and feared. When you go berserk and spittle flecks your mouth, you know nothing of fear—you feel at least twice as strong and every sense seems heightened. Worship of Kord seemed as natural as a sailor praying to Melora.
    How did you first learn you are a berserker? Do you see it as a blessing or a curse? What are your people like? Does your family have a berserker tradition, or are you an anomaly? Is your faith in Kord in gratitude for this gift, or do you hope to endure and overcome it?
    Associated Skills: Intimidate, Perception

Published in Dragon Magazine 392.