Rivers of fire, molten rock, toxic plumes venting from broken earth

Type: Geography
Campaign Setting: General

Rugged peaks and belching volcanoes characterize Blazestone. In this forlorn region, toxic clouds rain ash across a barren landscape. Black glass crunches underfoot, while singed trees clack and clatter whenever the infrequent breeze blows hot air across the wastes. In spite of the hostile environment, a life can be lived here, though it is a tough and unforgiving one by any standard. The people of Blazestone make the most of scarce resources as they scratch out an existence among the broken terrain spilling down from the fiery peaks.
If you are a native of Blazestone, you are accustomed to hardships and danger, and you rely on toughness to carry you through your adventures. Genasi are common here, and goliaths, dwarves, and humans also call these forlorn lands home. Barbarians and wardens make the best Blazestone adventurers.
    Associated Skills: Athletics, Endurance
    Associated Languages: Giant, Primordial

Published in Primal Power, page(s) 130.