Bloodblade Soldier

Type: Racial
Prerequisite: Half-orc

The best thing that ever happened to your tribe was when your orc forefathers were slaughtered in a bloody but one-sided civil war. With them gone, the half-orcs of your tribe were freed from orc tyranny, and your people were able to prove themselves superior warriors. Even more impressive, your tribe has gained the reputation of skilled and reliable mercenaries.
    Are you still a member of your mercenary tribe, searching for more opportunities to gain coin and prove your fighting prowess in the wider world, or did you decide to leave the mercenary life to take on new and different challenges? How would your tribal kin treat you if they saw you again? Did taking orders finally become too much, or are you still comfortable in a regimental unit?
    Associated Skills: Athletics, Endurance

Published in Dragon Magazine 429.