Towering trees, savage carnivores, torrential rains mingling with debilitating swelter

Type: Geography
Campaign Setting: General

Far to the south sprawls the Bloodtangle, a fecund expanse of rain forest sheltering an impassable landscape teeming with life. The trees grow tall and close together, their hundred-foot-high canopy blocking sunlight from the dank forest floor. Streams wind among the trunks, while bogs, quicksand, and flash floods take travelers by surprise. With hosts of poisonous wildlife, silent predators, and vicious natives, the Bloodtangle is no place for the unprepared. The people of the Bloodtangle are known for their use of venoms extracted from stinging insects, toxic amphibians, and venomous snakes.
You are at home in the unforgiving Bloodtangle. Human and elf are good racial choices for this homeland, but goblins, bugbears, hobgoblins, and kobolds are also appropriate if those are used as player races in your game. Barbarians and druids are excellent class choices, and you might consider multiclassing into ranger to reflect your superior hunting techniques.
    Associated Skills: Heal, Nature
    Associated Languages: Draconic, Goblin

Published in Primal Power, page(s) 130.