Type: Birth
Campaign Setting: General
Prerequisite: Psionic

Your birth was a momentous event. The ground groaned. The dark sky split open, lashing the landscape with violet lightning and horrid storms. Water turned to blood. Animals sickened and died. The world trembled in fear of what your birth promised. Under such inauspicious circumstances, the folk around you were scared of you from the start. Even if these signs signaled some other dire event, your birth in such a time surely marked you as a herald of impending doom.
    You grew up swathed in the calamitous day’s shadow. How did you come to terms with the dark destiny that lay ahead? Did you consult soothsayers for clues? If so, what did they say? Did you reject superstition, vowing to live your own life regardless of omens? When you discovered your psionic potential, did you see it as a confirmation of what people thought? Or was it an opportunity to prove everyone wrong?
    Associated Skills: Arcana, Insight

Published in Psionic Power, page(s) 121.