Clan Thavok

Type: Racial
Campaign Setting: General
Prerequisite: Minotaur

Your clan traces its history back to the founding of the Labyrinth City of Leng. Thavok chose as his battleground the confusing volcanic landscape of canyons where Leng would be built, and his victory there over a force that outnumbered his a hundredfold would make the site hallowed ground for centuries. Members of your clan defended Leng for all those many years, building and using the labyrinth of tunnels, causeways, and paths to outmaneuver foes time and time again. Eventually, doom came to Leng, and your clan was powerless to stop it because the enemy was within and knew the labyrinth as well as any in the clan.
    Clan Thavok was betrayed. Wrongfully accused of treachery, your ancestors fled the city lest their blood soak the stones they had labored so long to protect. No member of your clan has looked upon the Labyrinth City’s walls for generations, but it continues the old traditions. You have learned all the tricks of ambush and you possess knowledge of the hazards of dungeonscapes and tunnels.
    Associated Skills: Dungeoneering, Stealth

Published in Dragon Magazine 389, page(s) 33.