Crimson Curse

Type: Racial
Campaign Setting: General
Prerequisite: Tiefling

You have the curse of a tiefling bloodline, but you bear a heavier burden than most. You suffer from the crimson curse of the House of Zannifer. Unless you wear something red, your skin oozes blood like sweat. This process has killed others when left unchecked, and it’s
a horror to behold—one you would rather not experience yourself. Fortunately, there is a kind of cure: All you need to do is kill a criminal once a month to keep the bleeding at bay. The curse is weirdly discriminating, however. Only those convicted of crimes by some authority serve its strange purpose, although even a pickpocket or tax evader will do.How rapidly does your curse manifest? What red object do you wear to prevent bleeding? Have you ever purposely gone without wearing red and killed someone to stave off the curse? Have you or your relatives acted as an executioner or bounty hunter?
    Associated Skills: Heal, Streetwise

Published in Player's Handbook Races: Tiefling, page(s) 8.