Type: Geography
Campaign Setting: General

You grew up in Crystalbrook, a small agricultural community on the plains near the Sildaine Forest and the town's namesake, the stream known as the Crystalbrook. Familiar with the town and its troubles, you're also known as a capable individual there. You know the town's ruler, Lady Anya Tamora, and her son, Orlando, to some degree. Lady Tamora is fair but stern, sanctioning retaliation against fey incursions and doing her best to protect her people. Orlando is brave and honest, but he had shown no interest in rulership since his father died a decade ago. he has refused involvement in any action against the Sildaine fey.
    Do you know the Tamora family well? What was your job in Crystalbrook before you answered Count Varis's call? What was your reputation beyond your known competence? Do you think badly of the fey in the nearby woods? Have you or your family had trouble with the Sildaine fey? What about others you know? Have you harmed the fey in some way?
    Associated Skills: Endurance, Nature

Published in Beyond the Crystal Cave, page(s) 7.