Curious Archeologist

Type: Legacy of Acererak
Campaign Setting: General

Dungeons, ruins, and old tombs house the secrets of the past, and dedicated scrutiny can reveal much of old civilizations and famous personages. So whenever an opportunity arises to examine a historical sight, you’re loath to let it pass you by. While many dungeons capture your imagination, none of them has quite the same allure as does the Tomb of Horrors.
Possible Minor Quests: You might explore the corridors of Acererak’s tomb, retrieve relics from the deep chambers, or seek lore about who Acererak was in life.
    Associated Skills: History, Perception, Thievery
    Benefit: When engaging in a skill challenge to disable a trap, your first successful Thievery check grants you an extra success.

Published in Dragon Magazine 371, page(s) 6.