Type: Society
Campaign Setting: General

You are the child of a tribal chieftain, raised with the expectation that you would one day take on that position. After years of training, the time came for you to complete the great hunt, in which you would slay a mystic red stag and take your place at your father’s side. Tracking the beast was easy, but when you found the stag, you could not bring yourself to slay it. It met your gaze, and it seemed to speak to you, though you’ve never been able to express what it said in words. You returned to your tribe in disgrace, your failure seen as a sign of weakness. The chieftain and the other members of the tribe declared that you were not fit to rule, and you were banished, told not to return until you had redeemed your honor.
What did the stag communicate to you? How can you regain your honor? Do you want to return and claim your rightful title, or is the adventuring life more appealing to you now?
Perhaps political rather than primal factors led to your banishment. Were you falsely charged with a crime you didn’t commit? Were you expelled on the whim of your jealous father or mother? Or did you renounce your people voluntarily?
    Associated Skills: Arcana, Diplomacy

Published in Primal Power, page(s) 133.