Dragon Totem Clan

Type: Racial
Campaign Setting: General
Prerequisite: Dragonborn

For all their elemental power and keen intellect, dragons are creatures of the natural world as much as bears and panthers, and some of the myriad primal spirits that inhabit the world appear as dragons. Some dragonborn clans, particularly those that lived on the fringes of ancient Arkhosia or were never incorporated into the empire, long ago replaced an actual dragon patron with a primal spirit in dragon form. Your clan followed this ancient tradition, and you learned your primal magic in communion with this dragon spirit.

Is your dragon totem a benevolent patron, or a terrible force of nature that must be appeased to prevent catastrophe? You might be the shaman who was supposed to keep it appeased, but who failed in that duty with disastrous consequences. Or you might have been a barbarian thane who channeled the dragon totem’s power to lead your clan before some circumstance separated you from your people.

This background element works for any primal class. You might want to choose powers that reflect your dragon totem, or change the flavor of the powers you select to give them a draconic edge.
    Associated Skills: Nature, Religion

Published in Player's Handbook Races: Dragonborn, page(s) 20.