Durpar (Shifter)

Type: Campaign
Campaign Setting: Forgotten Realms
Prerequisite: Shifter

The near-forgotten land of Durpar cowers in the shadow of the Beastlands, harboring horrors within its borders. Goblin patrols roam the streets of its only city, Vaelan, where monstrous emissaries of the Beast Lords come to play at diplomacy. Meanwhile, the grassy hills and tumbled ruins of Old Vaelan hide a deadly secret: A creature dwells in the ruined dungeons, served by lycanthropes and other deadly creatures. This being, known only as the Whispering One, has demanded sacrifices from Durpar’s chakas. Some of those the merchant cabals sacrificed were humans, and the Whispering One saw fit to gift some of them to his servants.
    You were born of a union between a servant of the Whispering One and its human chattel. Your parents kept you hidden for as long as they could, shielding you from the dark secrets of the catacombs, but they couldn’t hide you forever. Finally, they sent you as far away as they could. How young were you when you left? Perhaps your parents were kind to you, but how “good” were they?
    Benefit: You can reroll any Dungeoneering check, but you must use the second result. Add Goblin to your list of known languages.

Published in Dragon Magazine 394.