Dust-Treader Skald

Type: Racial
Prerequisite: Half-orc

For years, your tribe acted as the ambassadorial force serving the Kingdom of Many-Arrows. The other races were more comfortable dealing with a half-orc rather than a full-blooded orc. In fact, the members of your tribe can sometimes pass as human. But now, as the raiding from other orc tribes worsens and war seems more and more likely, you are in a quandary.
    Do you stay in service to Many-Arrows, working to maintain peace even as the treaty begins to crumble?
Should you strike out on your own, acting as a translator, entertainer, or advisor to other nations as they navigate the complicated situation regarding Many-Arrows? Or have you given up on your orc cousins completely, and now just want to make your own way in the world, using your skill and wits for your own gain?
    Associated Skills: Diplomacy, Insight

Published in Dragon Magazine 429.