Failed Thane

Type: Society
Campaign Setting: General

Once you were a leader of your people—perhaps a thaneborn barbarian using your magnetism and power to bend them to your will, or possibly a wise shaman or druid guiding them with your insight and
magic. However, your leadership brought them to disaster. You might have urged them into a war they couldn’t win, coaxed them to migrate to land that couldn’t support them, or angered the primal spirits by defying a taboo. The consequences were disastrous, and the remnant of your people banished you in hopes of appeasing the angry spirits. Now you live with the weight of that failure on your conscience. Are you repentant, or do you defiantly believe you did the right thing? Perhaps your decision was an unpleasant alternative to a far worse fate. What will happen if your destiny leads you into a similar decision, when the lives of your adventuring companions are at stake?
    Associated Skills: Diplomacy, Insight

Published in Primal Power, page(s) 133.