Fallen Star

Type: Racial
Campaign Setting: General
Prerequisite: Deva

A deva’s transformation into a creature of evil is a terrifying experience. Rather than hold the darkness at bay, the deva throws wide his or her arms to embrace it. The soul darkens, twisting and writhing, the countless lifetimes screaming and wailing in sorrow, nudging the deva closer to madness. When the deva is finally slain, it rises at once as a horrific undead monster until it is finally put down with purifying light. The poisoned soul is not done with this world, however, and it returns again and again as a rakshasa, each time recalling all the foulness it committed and the temptation to commit those acts again. How did you escape the cycle of reincarnation as rakshasa?
    Personal Quests: Acquire a specially blessed weapon with which to hunt and slay rakshasas; advise a ruler on how to protect his realm from the influence of rakshasas and devils; locate a spot where slain rakshasas reincarnate and purify it against their use.
    Associated Skills: Bluff, Insight

Published in Dragon Magazine 393.