Follower of Sahemi

Type: House Jorasco
Campaign Setting: Eberron

Sahemi the Emissary is a House Jorasco half ling who came back to the House after a sojourn in the Eldeen Reaches, contending that the Mark of Healing could be used not just to heal people but to heal the land—specifically, the Mournland. You were one of his first recruits, and you learned the ways of the druids and shamans of the Reaches. How did Sahemi recruit you? What part of his message resonated with you? Do you still believe in Sahemi’s crusade to heal the land, or have you become disillusioned along the way? Have you been inside the Mournland and seen it firsthand?
    Associated Skills: Heal, Nature

Published in Eberron Player's Guide, page(s) 154.