Found in the Wild

Type: Birth
Campaign Setting: General

You were discovered wandering in the wilderness at a very young age, and you have little memory of your early past. You spent your youth working on a farm not far from the area where you were found. That life
might have been enough for you, for you’ve always felt a deep connection to the earth. However, when your new homeland was attacked by goblin raiders and its citizens were murdered, you felt a presence within your blood that called you to action, and you have been following that call ever since.
Who took you in when you were found? Was that person a loving foster parent or a cruel taskmaster? What experiences in your youth nurtured your apparently inborn connection to the primal spirits, and how has that connection flourished in your adulthood?
    Associated Skills: Heal, Streetwise

Published in Primal Power, page(s) 133.