Frostfell (Primal Power)

Relentless tundra, colliding icebergs, sudden whiteouts, and sunshine that offers no warmth

Type: Geography
Campaign Setting: General

Far to the north, beyond lands even partially civilized by mortals, stretches the wintry realm of the Frostfell. This frozen land, trapped in ice and blanketed by snow, is dimly illuminated by brief light that brings no succor. Little grows in the frigid wastes, and the temperature rarely climbs above freezing. Blue mountains sheathed in rime march across the horizon, while winds scour fields, disturbing the snow and revealing below it ice many feet thick. The people of the Frostfell carve ice castles from icebergs floating in the frigid seas.
You come from the frozen lands of the Frostfell and bring the traditions and methods of your people with you. Your homeland’s harsh environment requires sturdiness or adaptability from its people. As a result, dwarf and human are good racial choices. For your class, consider druid or shaman.
    Associated Skills: Athletics, Endurance
    Associated Languages: Dwarven

Published in Primal Power, page(s) 131.