Ghost of Nerath

Type: Occupation
Campaign Setting: General
Prerequisite: Battlemind

From the day you were born, you were told the tales of blood and bravery that marked the empire’s fall. As a child, you played out the ancient battles whose names were among the first words you learned, but Nerath was never more than stories to you. Or so it was until you first felt the spark of psionic power that marked you as a battlemind. With that power came a knowledge that filled you like a ghostly chorus—the memory of a dozen lifetimes never lived, tracing back to the last of the Ghost Blades.
    Whether or not you sought the role, you are a ghost of Nerath fated to search for the signs that will herald the empire’s rise from the ashes. Do you have the strength to take up a quest whose conclusion might lie long after your own death? Can you set aside the need for love and family, hearth and home to wander the world in search of the vague and elusive signs? Do you dare to consider that you might be the most important of those signs and scion to a bloodline long thought lost?
    Associated Skills: Endurance, History

Published in Dragon Magazine 391.