Gladiator - Follower of Kord

Campaign Setting: General
Prerequisite: Follower of Kord

You found your faith in Kord in the blood-flecked dust and the echoing cheers of the mob. It came to you as you struck down one challenger after another. The wanton violence of your profession as a gladiator had to have some meaning or you wouldn’t have the will to draw your sword. Your faith in Kord gave you the strength to survive, and Kord rewarded your actions by the thunder in the stands and the sight of another blood-red dawn each day.
    How did you become a gladiator? Was it a choice, were you a criminal, did you owe debts, or were you a slave? How did you escape the games? Did you win your freedom, break free, or decide to walk away from the glory you could have gained through meaningless slaughter? Did you see any unusual creatures in the arena? Did you make any unusual friends or enemies?
    Associated Skills: Athletics, Endurance

Published in Dragon Magazine 392.