Howling Plains

Screaming winds, merciless horse riders, endless grasslands anchoring the dome of the world

Type: Geography
Campaign Setting: General

To an outsider, the leagues of grasslands seem empty, but that is far from the truth. Birds nest in the undulating stalks. Wild horses run beneath the clear skies. Nature spirits live in every blade of grass, beneath every rock, and within the springs and streams that crisscross the landscape. Primal laughter is carried on the howling winds that give these plains their name. The people of the Howling Plains ride fleetfooted steeds across the rolling plains, following the movements of antelope and other migratory animals and avoiding the depredations of goblins.
You hail from the Howling Plains and have been initiated in the ancient rites practiced there. A member of any primal class can originate in this homeland, but barbarians and shamans are best suited.
    Associated Skills: Athletics, Endurance
    Associated Languages: Goblin

Published in Primal Power, page(s) 131.