Isolated (Psionic)

Type: Society
Campaign Setting: General
Prerequisite: Psionic

You were raised in a secret society that sniffs out psionic talent, then guides its development in those who have it. This controlled environment allowed you to grow into your ability, and you never experienced the uncertainty and confusion that many other psionics users face. You exceeded your tutors’ expectations, quickly mastering the fundamentals and harnessing the fullness of your power at an early age. Your gifted psionic status came at the cost of isolation, however. You studied history and culture, but you had no actual experiences with the natural world, its wonders, or its terrors.
    How do you see your childhood? Did you live in an ivory tower where you could indulge in whatever intellectual pursuits you wanted, free from fear, pain, and want? Or was the order’s compound a prison to you? How and why did you eventually leave? Were you free to go when your training was complete? Did you run away before your lessons had ended? How does your inexperience with the world shape your personality, views, and behavior?
    Associated Skills: Arcana, History

Published in Psionic Power, page(s) 120.