Keeper of the Flame

Type: Society
Campaign Setting: General

For years you have tended a spark of the Flame Imperishable which burns as a beacon of hope within a shrine that still stands in a former Nerathi city. As one of its attendants, you are a member of an esoteric society known as the Keepers of the Flame who are well versed in secret lore. Are you a wizard in the custom of ancient Nerath, or perhaps a simple scholar keeping alive the living light of humanity’s mightiest civilization? You recognize that you and your order possess the most powerful symbol of ancient Nerath, but to what end? Are your efforts futile, or will they illuminate the path to greatness?
    Personal Quests: Protect your shrine from looters; deliver an ember of your fire to another city and raise a shrine in its honor; reclaim the Flame Imperishable from the gnolls.
    Associated Skills: Arcana, Religion

Published in Dragon Magazine 393.