Knowledge Hunter

Type: Racial
Campaign Setting: General
Prerequisite: Thri-kreen race

Thri-kreen recognize that knowledge is power. Belief in the Ancestral Khanate gives the gathering of knowledge a greater importance to thri-kreen as a people. Everything the thri-kreen learn continues to exist as part of the ancestral consciousness. A few thri-kreen take this fact deeply to heart, pursuing esoteric understanding as a way to strengthen their people. Upon learning hidden facts, such hunters usually share what they know. Knowledge hunters are also the likeliest thri-kreen to be truly philosophical or artistic. Why have you become a knowledge hunter? What have you learned so far? Where might these rumors and tidbits lead you? Have you learned something that puts you or your pack in danger?
    Associated Skills: Arcana, Dungeoneering

Published in Dragon Magazine 411.