Kord Clan

Type: Origin
Campaign Setting: General
Prerequisite: Dwarf

You are a member of the Kord Clan. Were you born to the clan, or did unfortunate circumstances lead to your joining? What is your place in the clan? In what ways do you break dwarven customs in your behavior and appearance? What led you to leave the clan-hold and take up adventuring? Are you an exile from another clan, out to perform great deeds that will redeem your standing in dwarven society and earn you the privilege of returning to your ancestral home?
    Personal Quests: Rectify and atone for the misdeed that caused your exile; safeguard refugees from war or disaster on their journey to your Kord Clan stronghold; assemble a company of Kord Clan berserkers and lead it to victory in a major war.
    Associated Skills: Athletics, Intimidate

Published in Dragon Magazine 395.