Type: Occupation
Campaign Setting: General
Prerequisite: Follower of Erathis

You served as a politician or judge. The law was literally in your hands as warrants and statutes passed under your pen. You spent your days surrounded by both sides of the legal world—your colleagues who worked with the law, and the criminals who railed against it. You might have toiled to maintain the status quo, but you might also have been instrumental in making radical changes to the government. Regardless, you probably made at least a few enemies of the criminals you locked up or the opponents you outvoted. Do these grudges persist?
    Either way, that career is over, and you have turned to adventuring. Why? Did scandal rock your office? Did you become disillusioned with how little you could accomplish from behind a desk? The memories of those days will remain with you, but what they mean to you is a matter of circumstance. Do you adventure to preserve the legal system you once upheld, or to revolutionize it from without?
    Associated Skills: Diplomacy, History

Published in Dragon Magazine 387, page(s) 61.