Luruar is a land of friendship and safety, a defensive league of strong, independent cities. It offers a new start for people with ruined lives, welcoming those of all races and backgrounds, as long as their intentions are noble.

Type: Campaign
Campaign Setting: Forgotten Realms

The past century saw several smaller forests merge into the Glimmerwood. Although the cities of Everlund, Silverymoon, and Sundabar remain strong and united, dwarven allies of old have withdrawn. The boundaries around Luruar have changed as well, with the formation of the orc nation of Many-Arrows to the north, the opening of the elven kingdom of Evereska to the south, and the expansion of Netheril to the east.
    Benefit: You can reroll any History check, but you must keep the second result, even if it is worse.
    You also gain one additional language of your choice.

Published in Forgotten Realms Player's Guide, page(s) 108.