Crashing waves on a stony shore, brooding storm clouds, rushing rivers spilling into an unruly sea

Type: Geography
Campaign Setting: General

The Maelstrom is a never-ending whirlpool of the sea, shrouded in constant storms, spewing thunder and mist as it inundates the surrounding lands with rain. Overlooking the spinning vortex is a great rocky shore, a nesting place for birds and tortoises. The stony beaches are home to scuttling crabs and scavenging gulls. To those living in its shadow, the Maelstrom is the birthplace of all living things. To outsiders, it is an insatiable vortex that swallows all things. The people who dwell in the shadow of the Maelstrom venture into the stormy waters on its verge to fish or to salvage wrecked vessels.
You were forged in the storm and quenched by the sea. Halflings are the most common race from this region, but genasi, specifically the stormsoul, watersoul, and windsoul manifestations, claim this homeland as well.
    Associated Skills: Athletics, Intimidate
    Associated Languages: Primordial

Published in Primal Power, page(s) 131.