Martial - Garrison Child

Campaign Setting: General

You are the child of military parents who lived in a garrison. Your parents spent your youth drilling and going on patrol, so you were often unsupervised. You might have passed idle days training with soldiers in the garrison, tending the animals, sharpening weapons, or you could have spent your time running amok. Perhaps you resented your parents and constantly stirred up trouble for them with your shenanigans. Whether forced or out of willingness, though, you learned to wield weapons and defend yourself. Over time, maybe your skill even exceeded that of your parents. When the time came to depart, did you leave the garrison full of resentment, or were you fulfilling a sense of duty or obligation to your parents after they disappeared or met with a grisly end?
    Associated Skills: Athletics, History

Published in Martial Power 2, page(s) 153.