Mournland (Cyre)

Type: Geography
Campaign Setting: Eberron

Cyre is no more. The Purple Jewel of Galifar’s Crown, the most beautiful and artistically advanced of the Five Nations, ceased to exist on the Day of Mourning. Four years ago, without warning and without explanation, foul gray mists swept out from the nation’s center, leaving behind a broken, twisted land of horrors. That the fear inspired by the Mourning led, eventually, to the Treaty of Thronehold and the end of the Last War is of little solace to Cyre’s survivors, who struggle today to make their way through a world that fears and distrusts them. No PCs live in the Mournland. The associated skills are available to PCs who were born in Cyre before the Day of Mourning and who have struggled to survive elsewhere in the following years.
    Associated Skills: Endurance,Streetwise

Published in Eberron Player's Guide, page(s) 130.