Myth Drannor

Type: Campaign
Campaign Setting: Encounters

The eladrin city-state of Myth Drannor seems like a place out of time in comparison to the human-dominated settlements of the Dalelands. Though the city's inhabitants are predominantly eladrin (plus a large minority of elves), they welcome outsiders and participate in the politics of the region. Myth Drannor's people drove the Jaelre drow into the Underdark in ages past, and they realize how dangerous it would be if they retook Shadowdale.
    Did a life among the eladrin instill a hatred of the drow in you? Do you come from Myth Drannor, or the exotic forest of Cormanthor that surrounds it? Do you serve as an ambassador between Myth Drannor and Shadowdale? If not, what brings you here?
    Associated Skills: Arcana, Nature

Published in Web of the Spider Queen.