Narrow Way Clan

Type: Racial
Campaign Setting: General
Prerequisite: Minotaur

You are a heretic—someone obscene and mad. Even your thoughts are dangerous and must not be heard. Any minotaur can tell this by looking at you: Your clan symbol is two unbending lines.
    Your clan is outcast. It sees only one truth—one clear and narrow path. All your life, you learned that only one proper way exists and there is a right way to do everything, from waking in the morning to fetching water from the well. The labyrinth holds little meaning for your people. Why turn corners when your goal lies within sight?
    Your clan has no castes and no roles or declared leader. In it, all are equal as long as they adhere to the Narrow Way. In this philosophy, your clan has one god and adheres to that power’s tenets alone.
    You’ve learned much about the weaker religions and the history of a world that does not know its path. As you head out into the world, you hope to steer others on the proper course. Of course, outside the strict life of your homeland, things get more complicated...
    Associated Skills: History, Religion

Published in Dragon Magazine 389, page(s) 33.