Natural - Follower of Kord

Campaign Setting: General
Prerequisite: Follower of Kord

It’s not your fault you were born the biggest and the strongest. You don’t exercise. Strength has come naturally to you, but courage is another matter. Your size made you the target of ridicule when you were young, and it was years before you fully understood what a boon it was. When you learned about Kord, something clicked. You had all the power needed—all you required was the will to use it. Controlling your strength, knowing when to use it and when words are enough, is something you had to learn in back alleys. Once you started standing up for yourself, it felt like an endless stream of bullies and toughs wanted to test your mettle.
    Do you still feel like you have something to prove? Do your adventures represent you taking on the other bullies in the world, or are they your attempts to face down internal demons from your past? Is being brave still something with which you struggle? Do you have any fears from a past you never conquered?
    Associated Skills: Insight, Streetwise

Published in Dragon Magazine 392.