Noble Bred for War

My father, the fourth Lord of the Parapets, gave me that blade. More importantly, he taught me how to use it—and why.

Type: Campaign
Campaign Setting: Scales of War Adventure Path

You’re part of a noble family with an ancestral mandate to safeguard the lands in your care. Often, that means marching off to war, and you learned the solemnity of that duty from an early age. What is your family protecting its lands against: monsters, barbaric hordes, bandits, or an invading army? Were there family members who spurned their duty? How does the adventurer’s life fulfill your noble duty?
Good Background: Warlord.
    Benefit: You gain proficiency in a simple or military weapon of your choice, and you gain a +1 bonus to Diplomacy checks.

Published in Dragon Magazine 366, page(s) 61.