Orphan of the Gibbering Massacre

Type: Origin
Campaign Setting: General

You became aware that you were different from a young age. Perhaps your parents flinched in fear when you threw a temper tantrum. You might have sometimes spoken a language no one else could understand, and the alien sounds disturbed them. Most likely, you heard the whispers that seemed to follow you, and felt the stares of the people who looked away just a moment too late.
    Perhaps there was one person who followed you around. When others looked away, he or she continued to stare. When you found the courage to approach, you learned the truth. The sins of the parents have been visited on their children, and you have a connection to the Far Realm that most others could never understand… but this person can, because he or she has that connection as well.
    Personal Quests: Find the gravesite of your birth parents; permanently close a portal to the Far Realm; destroy a Far Realm creature that threatens the community that adopted you
    Associated Skills: Dungeoneering, Insight
    Associated Languages: Deep Speech

Published in Dragon Magazine 394.