Type: Society
Campaign Setting: General
Prerequisite: Psionic

Many characters born with psionic talent find the guidance, comfort, and understanding that allows them to recognize their nature and embrace it. You were not so lucky. Left to your own devices, you used trial and error to navigate the murky waters of your mind as your life devolved into a series of accidents. Your anger might have burned out a friend’s mind. Your despair could have driven another to suicide. Your wild thoughts could have sent doors slamming, crockery flying, or been the cause of any number of bizarre occurrences. Even though the strange events dogging your heels were just as perplexing to you, your kinfolk came to fear you. They suspected you were possessed, cursed, or trafficking with dark powers. Friendships ended, relationships died, and isolation closed in around you.
    How did you cope with the alienation? Did anyone reach out to you? If so, did he or she escape the experience unharmed? Did you remain in the community but apart from it, or did you leave? How did you finally come to terms with what you could do? Now that you have achieved a modicum of control, how do you feel about the people who rejected you?
    Associated Skills: Intimidate, Stealth

Published in Psionic Power, page(s) 120.