People of the Gold Dragon

Type: Society
Campaign Setting: General

You come from a tribe of primal barbarians conquered by Magroth after he slew Ayunken-vanzen and lit the Flame Imperishable. Magroth claimed your ancestor’s lands as his own but welcomed your ancestors into his service when they swore to serve the master of the dragon’s undying fire. Your ancestors incorporated the best of both their own primal traditions and Nerathi science into their culture to become enlightened mystics dwelling in the wilds around Nerath. As one of the few that remain, do you hold true to the blending of cultures or cast aside the failed façade of civilization and embrace your primal heritage? How is the strength of the golden dragon manifested through your evocations?
    Personal Quests: Work with civilized folk toward a common goal; find a way to commune with the spirit of Ayunken-vanzen; gain draconic allies to aid you in driving the gnolls from your homeland.
    Associated Skills: Diplomacy, Nature

Published in Dragon Magazine 393.