Primal Soul

Type: Racial
Campaign Setting: General
Prerequisite: Genasi

Many genasi gravitate toward the places in the world that reflect the elemental nature of their own being; earthsoul genasi live in mountainous regions, while watersoul genasi live by the sea. For you, however, this natural attraction led to a far deeper communion. Your nature is closely tied to the Elemental Chaos, but in the world you found powerful spirits inhabiting the same features that called to your elemental soul. Your earthsoul spoke to the spirit of the great mountains. Your firesoul called to the spirits dancing in the volcano’s heart. Your stormsoul sang as the storm spirits thundered in the sky. Your watersoul found its kindred in the spirits of wave and current. Your windsoul howled in harmony with the spirits of the air. You recognized your kin, and they recognized you, gifting you with power and wisdom.
    Associated Skills: Athletics, Nature

Published in Primal Power, page(s) 135.